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I’m so thrilled you are here… This means you’re ready to make a deep commitment to yourself, your business, your mission, and your inherent feminine nature by exploring what it means to be a PleasureCEO. 

As an PleasureCEO Mentor, I do offer Private Coaching for those who want to fast track their businesses with a big leap and want customized support by having my eyes on their business! 

Our coaching together can be a beautiful blend of:

  • Find a way to blend your gifts together into one strong personal brand, even if you’ve felt scattered or confused before.
  • Discover YOUR particular “portal problem” that people will pay big bucks for you to help them solve and develop a strategic and structured launch plan that draws in your ideal clients
  • Create your high-end program that is chock-full of your unique gifts and makes you feel WONDERFUL to offer to the world!
  • Get clear on all the nuts-and-bolts and logistics of how to deliver your high-end program withvalue and professionalism
  • Create a plan for hosting your own Ecstatic Free Preview Call as part of your Ecstatic Marketing Campaign! (Which can also be the structure for crafting your signature talk, too!)
  • And anything else that can support you in launching your big mission out into the world with more pleasure + desire!

So… are you ready to take the next step?

I can’t wait to talk with you to see if we’re a fit for coaching together! The first step is to fill out this application below… Keep in mind that I only have room for a certain amount of private coaching clients at a time, so the spots will go fast. Please don’t wait to submit your application or schedule your session if you’re approved! 

Once I’ve reviewed your application, my team will be in touch with you via email to schedule your PleasureCEO Breakthrough Session (Value $297).

I look forward to talking with you soon!


Here’s to Ecstatic Wealth for ALL, 



The only thing ever needed for a woman to make a big leap is…getting in touch with her desires, listening to her intuition, finding her fierceness to commit, and deciding what she wants is a DONE DEAL. So… What are you noticing in your body?  Is PleasureCEO Private Coaching meant for you?  If so, then jump right in and fill out the application and let’s get you started on the road to becoming a true PleasureCEO!


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 Client Success Stories


Jess Tomlinson

Jessica Let Pleasure Take Take Her to Bali

“Before working with Christina, I was all over the place in my business, struggling with my identity as a coach. After working with Christina, I’m crystal clear on my unique, Ecstatic Brand and soon after completing her program, I landed my very first $5,000 retreat enrollment for my upcoming amazing woman’s retreat going to Bali, and have now brought in $25,000 in total for my retreat enrollments! Before, the most I’d ever made from a client was $97!

My biggest a-ha about the feminine in business after working with Christina is that I have a LOT of power behind what I want to bring to the world. If I ignore that power, I will suffer. If I push out that power, I will suffer. Christina has taught me that it’s an art, a craft…luring the feminine out, harvesting my power from a place that is pleasurable to me and the women who I help. When pleasure is tied to the programs and retreats I bring to the world, I THRIVE…and so do other women!“

It feels soooo darn great to know I have the skills and confidence to go out and support women in a bigger way with my coaching and retreat experiences.”

Jess Tomlinson
Radiant Self Care Coach

lisa garcia

Lisa is using Pleasure to make progress!

“My biggest a-ha around the feminine in business is that Christina helped me to see that always pushing and striving in my business is not the way to really make progress. When I took an hour to open and soften and let myself really fall apart, I made a huge breakthrough that I had totally been resisting. This was so critical as it was after this breakthrough that I gained so much clarity about the direction of my business and felt like months of indecision were finally cleared away. So amazing!!!

Lisa Garcia
Divinely Divorcing


Richele had an AHA moment around charging her worth.. and then did it!

“I had some consultations for my Body Love Goddess VIP program and there was something getting in the way of me fully owning my worth as a coach. I was beginning to believe the thought No one is going to invest in this program. Ugh!

Then, I had an AHA! moment…I realized that if I wasn’t investing in myself, my growth as a powerful woman and coach, how could I expect my clients to do the same?

As soon as I committed to working with Christina, all that changed. I signed 4 clients to my Body Love Goddess VIP program that same week. I feel 100% confident that I am worth investing in myself and am worthy of clients investing in themselves with me. Let the transformation begin!!!”

Richele Henry
Body Love Coach


Rachel is following her flow to have a luxuriating launch!

“What I’ve discovered about working with Christina is that honoring luxuriating is really no different than executing. I’d learned this years ago via time living in a Buddhist monastery, but lost track of it as a moment to moment reality. And having now reframed that luxuriating as feminine energy–whichit is–it is easier to honor and work with it in flow.”

Rachel Herzig
Alchemize Your Wound into Purpose

unnamed (1)

Jessica is feeding her soul & generating wealth… with Pleasure!

“Before coaching with Christina, my business was good but not great.  Though clients were steadily coming in, I was veering in the direction of seeing too many individual clients (read: burning out) and being more problem oriented – like in “therapist mode” – rather than in turned-on-creative-coach mode.  

After my coaching with Christina, I have rewritten that story.  I now focus on couples and groups, am phasing my individual clients down to a select bunch, and have rebranded my psychotherapy focus into Orgasmic Intimacy Coaching.  I am finally attracting the clients who want to do the exhilarating work of spicing up their connection, which is the creative work I have been dreaming of .  Perhaps most exciting, I have designed a sustainable business model – to run group series here in Dallas for teaching connection skills – that can simultaneously impact many and feed my soul while generating the wealth that I’ve always wanted.  

Through coaching with Christina, I had the “aha” that instead of pushing myself to work harder – like in the “nose to the grindstone” masculine mode that got me through graduate school – I could actually back my own feminine creativity and design a template from my unique skills, talents, quirks, scrapes and life lessons and have income flow from who I already am.  Which is now happening.  Christina I am deeply grateful for your encouragement, approval, backing and love to help me back myself in the way I’ve needed to really launch my career.  I highly recommend this woman!”

Jessica Tartaro
Orgasmic Intimacy Coach