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Christina Morassi

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“Since joining the Confident Business Diva program, I have seen soooo much transformation in myself and my business that I barely recognize the Jess Webb from before! My income SKYROCKETED and I experienced my first $10,000 month, $15,000 month and $10,000 WEEK, putting me right on track to get to 6-figures in the next year.

I’ve also really stepped into more visibility, putting myself out there more with videos and free calls, having a sponsor table at Christina’s event and dressing up way more often when I’m out and about. It feels sooo good to be seen and appreciated, and I feel like I’m getting my message out in a much bigger way, impacting more people and am truly becoming a well-known expert in my field!

Christina works so intuitively and shamanically and I feel like my soul is nourished as well as my business. I love the experiences that she creates and feel like I’m right at home in the Ecstatic Tribe. It’s soo important for me to be able to bridge my personal and spiritual life with my business, and Christina has really helped me to do that in a big way.

Thank you, Christina!”

Jess Webb, JessWebb.com


“Christina you are my Secret weapon to wealth creation!”

“Christina you are my secret weapon to wealth creation! The first time I worked with you, I went on to make $54,000 in 6 weeks and the second time we worked together, I lovingly received $23,000 from new amazing clients within 3 days of our time together. That’s why I call you my secret weapon to success! Words cannot explain the depths in which you dive with your clients. You hold space for quantum cellular transformation that shifts me on all layers of my being; from my inner child, to motherhood, to intimacy with my soul mate as well as how I serve my own clients. I love watching you shine! You are so down to earth, real, genuine, authentic and relatable which is so refreshing! I love your VISION and mission on the planet in serving multi-talented women create businesses that don’t even exist yet. The world needs you! Working with you is like MAGIC!””

Amanda Moxley, AmandaMoxley.com


Tara Porsander

“I made $10,000 AND dropped 20 pounds just like that!”

“Finally! After 30 years of struggle not finding satisfaction in my work life I have finally started to see the light in the tunnel as to who I am as a business woman, what I do and who I am here to serve. About 1 month after starting my work with Christina I made $10,000 AND dropped 20 pounds just like that! Wow, that really kicked me in the right direction where I have continued to stretch myself, refine my business and book more clients. I love it!”

Tara Porsander, Ph.D, BrandYourBusinessBliss.com


“I was able to gain 5 new clients and increase my earnings by $12,332!”

“I met Christina at an event in San Diego where she was a guest speaker. As soon as she stepped onto the stage and before she even spoke, I knew that she had exactly what I wanted. Integrity.

I’ve been working with Christina for only about 5 months now and in that short amount of time {in my spare time while working, raising a son and trying to “find myself”} I was able to gain 5 new clients and increase my earnings by $12,332. I’ve become much more in tune with myself as a woman, mother, businesswoman and leader and that is heightening and increasing my ability to open doors to the things I REALLY WANT – a very bright, beautiful and brilliant ME. I can honestly say that my very own gifts are being taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.”

Lisa Shozuya, BrilliantBusinessDevelopment.wordpress.com


Jo Westwood

“Opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities!”

“Christina’s ground-breaking methods have opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities! She has helped me make a step change in my career from being totally stuck in a limited old paradigm business as a designer maker, to a being a new paradigm entrepreneur with more money, more time, more fulfilment and less stress!”

Jo Westwood, TheVirtualPartyPlanner.com